Why I recommend The New Rules of Marketing & PR

The New Rules of Marketing & PRLast year I created a course for University of California, Irvine Extension: Using Social Media as a Tool for Public Relations.

As I developed the course, I launched a book expedition to see if I could find one public relations and social media book that most effectively encapsulated my philosophy for using new technology to further communication goals and objectives.

I had already read The New Rules of Marketing & PR by David Meerman Scott and thought it was close to what I was looking for. I just didn’t know how close. After reviewing nearly a dozen other options, I came back to New Rules to reconsider it for the course.

Then I consulted with the program directors at UCI Extension and we all agreed that The New Rules of Marketing & PR would be the best textbook for what we wanted to accomplish with the online class.

I was pleased to receive student feedback that unanimously thanked me for introducing them to The New Rules of Marketing & PR and its author, David Meerman Scott.

Then, last fall, I was even more pleased to hear from the author that the 2007 book was undergoing a rewrite to include new social media trends like Twitter and Facebook and examples from more recent years.

Since I use The New Rules of Marketing & PR for my UCI Extension course, I was provided with a copy of the second edition earlier this year. I have now completed the second edition and am even more excited to share it with my students in May.

The New Rules of Marketing & PR, second edition, is a must-read if you care at all about promoting or marketing yourself, your business, a product or service online. The book provides straightforward, actionable advice on how to use social media, blogs, news releases, online video, and viral marketing to reach buyers directly.

I couldn’t agree more with the concepts espoused by David Meerman Scott and the recommendations shared in The New Rules of Marketing & PR.

If you’d like to learn more about the book, visit David Meerman Scott’s website.

You can learn more about my course, Using Social Media as a Tool for Public Relations, in my newsroom or on UCI’s website.

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Why I recommend The New Rules of Marketing & PR

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  1. Pete – glad to hear your recommendation, I’m anxious to read the 2nd ed.

    David – I have similar thoughts. It makes me wonder what happens when higher education cannot stay relevant and keep up with what is happening in the world of business (and life).

    Sara Brueck Nichols April 1, 2010 at 12:22 pm #
  2. Pete, Of course I’m pleased that you use my book and that you are talking it up here. Thank you.

    But more than that, I am happy for the students. Nearly every week, I hear from a student who has done an MBA or a marketing degree or a communications degree and they hadn’t been taught about how to use the web for marketing and PR.

    That’s criminal. Literally I think it is criminal for a school not to be up to speed on modern methods.

    I’ve had students in tears (literally) when they ask me if they wasted $200,000 and four years to get a marketing degree that they now think is worthless.

    Sad but true.

    So thanks for leading the way.


    David Meerman Scott April 1, 2010 at 2:40 am #
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