Social media and your personal brand

Zions Bank buildingA presentation for employees of Zions Bank – part of the Zions Bank Emerging Leaders Business Forum series.

Learn how to succeed in the business world using social media and how to use personal social media engagement to build your career.

Codella will discuss:

  • The importance of a personal brand statement
  • Consistency across social platforms
  • How to monitor, review and make adjustments to your digital footprint
  • Different ways to tell your personal story online
  • Why there’s no difference between a professional and personal profile
  • How employers use social media to help make hiring and management decisions
  • Why you should become familiar with social platforms personally before trying them out at work


Date: September 8, 2016

Time: Noon

Place: Zions Bank Building, Founders Room, 1 South Main Street, Salt Lake City

 Presentation Slides and Outline

Here are the PDF slides from Pete’s presentation on how social media can help build your career, and here’s the presentation outline.


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