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GrovoAs a professional communicator, with the proliferation of social media and other Internet tools, it can be downright difficult keeping up. Although we may feel overwhelmed by the explosion of communication channels available, the foundation of business communication remains unchanged.

We do our best to stay current, attending webinars and workshops, but sometimes travel and carving time out of a busy workday just isn’t in the cards. That’s where the trend of do-it-yourself online training comes in to play.

Billed as your field guide to the Internet and named one of the best startups of 2011 by Business Insider, is an excellent place to learn more about all kinds of online tools, from to Zillow.

Grovo delivers lessons on more than 1,000 Internet tools, from business topics, such as how local merchants can use Yelp, to consumer topics like getting started on eBay.

About 25 new lessons, containing groups of one or two minute video tutorials, are added each week. The courses are presented on a custom-built platform with content produced in-house by Grovo’s team of writers, editors, and voice-over talent. Courses are available for both free and $9-a-month membership levels.

User groups allow anyone to create public or private group and collaborate with other users in the online educational environment. Corporate communicators, marketers and public relations professionals can create groups for teams, colleagues, professional associations, and even clients to teach and learn specific Internet tools together.

The collaborative group learning space allows users to assign lessons and activities to others, and for dialogue back and forth. Anyone can be a teacher or learner.

Users can add tips and tricks to Grovo’s video tutorials, which are then served-up as annotations to the virtual lesson, making the content truly dynamic.

The site includes “tracks” in which users answer a series of questions about what they want to accomplish—launch a blog, for example—and the virtual tutor recommends a set of courses and lessons to help accomplish that goal.

Each course comes with online and downloadable course and lesson summaries. The summaries also include user-generated tips and tricks, helping users learn from other Grovo community members.

Grovo courses consist of watching video tutorial lessons, taking a quiz and becoming certified. Depending on the course and the user’s level of knowledge, the average class time is anywhere from five to 25 minutes. The great thing about Grovo’s delivery is that it can be personalized for an individual’s pace and used for a specific consumer or business-related need.

The Grovo Expert Series provides interviews with leading entrepreneurs and Internet pros, some of the very people who’ve shape the way we use the Internet. Grovo introduces interviews with new experts each week to help visitors better understand not only how to use popular websites and tools, but why, all illustrated through real-life examples and experiences.

This year Grovo plans to add 1,000 more lessons to ensure its content remains updated and relevant.

If you’re looking to study up for a new opportunity, or simply step up your Internet skills, Grovo is an excellent place to start.

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