My reason for falling off the publishing bandwagon

bandwagonDear friends,

It has been too long, I know: two-and-a-half months since my last post. You may feel abandoned, even sad. And for that, I’m truly sorry.

About a year ago, at age 40, I decided it was time to do something a little different with my career. Sure I’m happy working as a consultant and have enjoyed owning and operating Codella Marketing since 2002 (minus a couple agency gigs in the mid-2000s), but I felt it was time to stretch myself.

Given my spark of inspiration and tendency to think big, I applied and was accepted into the 21-month Executive MBA program at the University of Utah (ranked 33rd in the US). I kind of thought I’d apply and be rejected and that would be the end of it. But such was not the case.

The University did ask me to take an algebra class this spring, which I dutifully, albeit begrudgingly did. My 1995 fine arts degree from Brigham Young University didn’t require me to focus much on math and science. It’s not my bag anyway, and I’m just fine with that. I did manage to get a B in algebra this spring, so that met the University of Utah’s last criteria for my official acceptance into its Executive MBA program.

The EMBA program began with a bang at the Snowbird resort in Park City in August. We spent a week there getting to know one another as a class and working our way through a few reams of reading assignments. Little did I know that was just a small taste of what was to come.

I’m writing this at year’s end, after completing basically one semester of the EMBA program and receiving a handful of grades. It has been a bit of a shock for me to be back in school and taking quizzes and exams after 16 years of work. But it has been a good wake-up call and is certainly stretching my professional capacity. I think that’s what any good graduate degree should do.

I do apologize if my digital public relations blog posts are few and far between. No doubt 2012 will be a very busy year. I’m optimistically looking forward to May 2013 when I expect to receive my MBA. Until then, we can still be friends, you just may not hear from me as often as before.

Here’s to a very happy and prosperous New Year for us all!

Your friend,

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