Mobile devices as a tool for political participation

iPhone 5In many ways elections serve as benchmarks for communicators: what to do and how to do it successfully.

As we finally (yes, finally!) approach election day, the campaigns are doing all they can to reach voters with persuasive messages.

The Pew Research Center published a study earlier this month noting that 88% of registered voters own a mobile phone and 27% of them have used their phone to keep up with election news. Also, 48% of registered voters own a smartphone with 45% of them reporting using their phone to read political posts from members of their social networks.

In other words, smartphone owners are using their mobile devices as a tool for political participation on social networking sites and as a way to fact check campaign statements in real time.

Have you considered how your content is consumed and shared on mobile devices?

It’s important for us to consider the number and type of screens on which audience members will see and interact with content.

If the election is any indication (and it is my friends, it is ), in the future you’ll see concerted efforts to maximize reach and deliver additional tools for communicating and engaging with key audience members on mobile devices.

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Mobile devices as a tool for political participation

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  1. Very interesting statistics! I love learning about how politics and communications mix. It’s interesting how politicians use so many channels and different messages to reach their voters or persuade undecideds.

    Rachel Cool October 18, 2012 at 2:05 pm #

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