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Social Collaboration at Work

social collaboration

This week I presented at an HDI chapter meeting in Salt Lake City. The professional association is for help desk managers and is focused on the IT industry. It was a privilege to speak with the group about trends I see in social collaboration at work. There are five underlying trends currently driving social collaboration […]

Facebook makes great birthdays

What did we do for birthdays before Facebook? We mailed cards through snail mail to a select group of family and friends for their birthday. But with the advent of Facebook, it’s so easy to: 1. Remember when it’s someone’s birthday, or rather, be reminded, and 2. Wish them a happy birthday. Those Facebook birthday […]

Is social media leading us toward a Technological Singularity?

transcendent man

I’m not a big documentary movie watcher but I recently found Transcendent Man, a documentary about future thinker and inventor Ray Kurzweil, on Netflix and couldn’t stop watching it. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Kurzweil or his idea of ‘The Singularity,’ that’s basically the time when human life becomes intertwined with machines […]

Top 5 public relations skills

The past several weeks, as I’ve talked at social media conferences and taught a couple classes for University of California, Irvine online and University of Utah’s professional development division here in Salt Lake City, I’ve pondered what skills are required in today’s public relations industry. Although a lot has changed since I graduated from college […]