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Social media ROI courtesy of Erik Qualman

Can companies use social media to gain a competitive advantage? Are there best practice case studies that show how some are succeeding at engagement, and ultimately sales, through social media? Thanks to Socialnomics author Erik Qualman, this YouTube video showcases several social media return on investment examples and some effective social media strategies.

How the Social Media Club of Salt Lake City was launched using social media

An interesting social media case study played out last week in Salt Lake City, Utah. Background The Social Media Club is an international organization headquartered in San Francisco, Calif. that took root in the fall of 2005. Since then, chapters have sprung up in various countries around the world. In late 2008, several social media […]

Examples of social media in use

I occasionally find excellent blog posts on other marketing sites. And when I do, I have no problem sharing the love with readers. This one’s from the Interactive Insights Group and it’s titled Social Media Case Studies Superlist – 19 Extensive Lists of Organizations Using Social Media (dated 12/3/08 and updated since then). It’s […]

How to use Twitter to attract key constituencies

Some may struggle accepting the business development application claimed by many Twitter users. Jim Connolly is someone I ‘follow’ on Twitter, or as he says, we’re ‘Twitter associates.’ His post last week about using Twitter to build your business network is excellent. If you’re interested in Twitter best practices, I recommend you visit: How I […]