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Setting a benchmark

Any public relations practitioner worth his or her salt knows the importance of setting a benchmark at the outset of a communications campaign. The benchmark is where you are now, then your objectives and goals set the course for where you want to be. There’s no way to set a benchmark without doing some amount […]

Have you heard of HARO?

All you public relations practitioners out there… If you have stories to pitch, If you represent clients that want to be included in the media (any kind of media), If you want to stay up on your game and participate in the discussion… I highly recommend a service by Peter Shankman called Help A Reporter […]

Sacrifice control for visibility

One of the most common reasons I hear from corporate communicators for not participating in social media is the loss of control. This is an especially scary proposition for legal counselors. To this concern I say: sacrifice control for visibility. The Internet has grown into an excellent two-way communication vehicle. A company in control of […]

Using social media for business

I’ve heard it before: “I understand social media and Web 2.0 but I don’t believe it can actually help me get business.” I disagree. I do counsel clients that despite what they do by way of advertising and marketing, it’s usually the person-to-person exchange that secures new business. It’s the word of mouth referral from […]

Keyword helpers

Those of us who frequently write for the Web know the importance of incorporating keywords and descriptions. If you were to look up a company in the Yellow Pages, what category would you look under? You can use that as an example for the types of keywords that should be included in a Web page, […]

Web copywriting: think for search

When you’re writing for the Web, think and write as if you were searching for the information. You want to include the keywords that apply to your product or service. This includes your headline, headings, sub-headings, key points and the body of your information. You should also link for search. I like to put it […]